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  • Many years of experience from over 100+ customers in the real estate industry
  • All round service - you invest, we take care of the rest 
  • Buyback Guarantee
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Offen fĂĽr Investments

The White Island Portfolio

Propertyclass: High-End Villas

Villa: 9

Revenue Forecast Y1: 7.000.000€

Exit 5% CAP Rate: 184.000.000€

Total ROI Yield: 154%

Our SPV will acquire a portfolio of 9 luxury villas in Ibiza to be rented out for tourism purposes. We have partnered with an agency specializing in the management of luxury properties (Milor) who handle all aspects of property management including marketing, letting, maintenance and cleaning. takes over. The agency will transfer the net profits from the rentals, minus the operating costs, to our special purpose vehicle. Our special purpose vehicle will then distribute the net profits to our investors. The Management Company will receive a 25% share of the Gross Operating Profit as compensation for their services

Offen fĂĽr Investments

Heart of Germany

Propertyclass51 Single properties

Region: Rhein-Neckar & Rhein-Main

4+4 % yield: 4% guaranteed, additional 4% if sold after 5 years

Market value: 99.951.896,00 €

Rental income: 3.787.466,00 €

The Rhein-Neckar region offers investors a secure and attractive investment opportunity with optimal conditions.

In addition to the Rhein-Neckar region, there are some properties in the middle of the Rhein-Main region, the second largest metropolitan region in Germany: 5.8 million inhabitants, central location in the heart of Europe, one of the most important European metropolitan regions, international hub.

In addition to the attractive return, you benefit from: The flourishing business location and a secure and tried-and-tested investment framework.

Offen fĂĽr Investments

Care Deutschland

Propertyclass: Special properties

Region: Germany

Yield: Attractive return for investors: 18%

Total investment: 54,418,000.00 €

Rental income: 6,750,000.00 €

Possible sale price: 74,250,000.00 €

Project profit: 19.832.000,00€

Special properties are castles and mansions, but also power plants and train stations, but also hotels, hospitals, sports halls, old people's homes,
Swimming pools and many municipal buildings.

Special properties also are commercially used properties that are usually only rented to one main tenant, the operator. For this reason, they are often called single-tenant homes

About Us

Dubai Edition is an association of professional real estate investors from Germany. Having completed several hundred real estate projects in our country, it was our intention to look beyond the horizon to take advantage of the enormous value added potential of the real estate markets outside of Germany. Now we would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in the successful implementation of our undertaking.

By joining Dubai Edition, you will not only invest in exclusive real estate projects in Dubai; by working with us, you will receive a complete concept and a strategy that offers flexible investment options as well as freedom of structure, in addition to guaranteed returns. Building the basis here is always carefully selected real estate in top locations that constitute the foundation for definite returns and added value.

Yet our commitment does not end with making sure that your capital grows through the right investments. You should also be more flexible and free in terms of structure. That is why Dubai Edition offers not only exclusive real estate, but also expertise on how you can make investments through special visas, residence permits and other instruments, to for example take advantage of the maximum structural framework from a tax perspective.

30+ years 



Sold properties



investment process

#Step 1

Non-binding consultation free of charge.



Personal appointment and presentation of selected real estate projects.


On-site visit to Dubai through our exclusive fly-in program.

#Step 4

Selection of the respective project and  contract preparation.


Sign the contract and initiate visa and residence permit.


Professional service with personal contact partners in Germany and Dubai.


Patrick Weiler

Have had very good experience with Dubai Edition. They have always been fast and reliable. I have always felt well treated and am happy to recommend the company here.

Marissa Pöpl

Extremely competent and trustworthy company. Employees all seem very knowledgeable! I felt well advised here. No matter what the issue was, there was always a qualified person on hand to help me.

Clara Schreiter

Incredible service, always available and immediate feedback! One feels extremely well advised and in good hands!!! The complete "all-round service" is here to recommend! I am very much looking forward to further cooperation!

Martin Böhm

From the beginning a very good consultation and a good selection of suitable projects in Dubai. Also on site the contact person was German-speaking and could inform about all important points of an investment for foreigners and the individual projects in the best way. I felt in very good hands with you! Therefore, many thanks for the good support, I will be happy to come back to you for the next investment.

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You have questions?
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How can Dubai Edition guarantee a 5% yield?

Our team of experts is constantly and intensively focused on the real estate market in Dubai. Here, we rely not only on data, analysis and statistics, but we are there on the spot. In this manner, we select real estate projects not only based on the macro situation or micro situation, but we opt for targeted units within each project. That’s how we can guarantee the best foundation for the attractiveness of our real estate projects, which in turn build the foundation for definite yields and appreciation potential.

What advantages does investing in Dubai real estate via shares have?

By acquiring shares in a real estate company in Dubai, you can participate in top real estate projects with comparatively low investment sums and you have us as your partner, who directly invests as well and possesses the needed expertise, until the project comes to a successful close for you. In addition, as an owner of company shares and fellow partner, you will have easier access to a multi-annual visa and a residence permit in Dubai.

Can I also acquire real estate as a whole, without purchasing shares?

If you are looking for 100 percent control and added values, you can also acquire the entire real estate company upon request. For certain projects, you can also acquire only the real estate as such. In these cases, we will be happy to provide an individual consultation to find the best possible solution for you and your personal investment project.

What is the buy back guarantee and how does it work?

We select our real estate projects in a targeted manner and have confidence in them. Therefore, in addition to guaranteed yields, we also provide a full buy back guarantee. Within the time frame agreed upon beforehand, we give you a contractual guarantee that we will buy back the acquired shares. So you can invest with a guaranteed return and a safe exit option, without the need to have to forgo any value added potential opportunities.

What shape is the real estate market in Dubai in?

2021 was a record year in Dubai's real estate market. Dubai recorded new highs in terms of both the number and amount of real estate transactions. Around 61,300 real estate sales transactions were made in 2021. Compared to the pandemic year 2020 when 34,900 transactions were registered, the number of sales increased by around 76%. This is 9.7% more than in the last record year of 2014. Dubai Marina, Business Bay, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Al Thanyah 5th (Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Islands) and Dubai Hills Estates rank first in terms of total sales volume.

If we consider the sales of villas alone, the Wadi Al Safa 5 zone is ahead of Dubai Hills Estates and Al Hebiah Fourth. In the case of off-plan apartments (before completion), MBC-City (Al Merkadh) was one of the most popular zones alongside Dubai Marina and Business Bay. In terms of purchases of land, Mudon-Damac Hills, Al Hebiah Fourth and Dubai Hills Estates noted the highest volumes. While commercial properties were acquired particularly in Al Thanyah 5th and Business Bay.


Is residency in Dubai necessary to establish a company?

Residency in Dubai is not mandatory for the establishment of a company. Provisions differ depending on the type of company and the respective license.

Which legal form is best for establishing a company in the UAE?

There are three legal forms for foreign companies in the UAE:

  • an entity / sole proprietorship (owned by one person)
  •  a limited liability company
  • a subsidiary of a foreign company (100% owned by a foreign company)

Rules, regulations and fees vary widely and depend on the nature and character of your business.

What types of companies operate in Dubai?

  1. Offshore Company: Many agencies currently still offer this option for establishing a company in Dubai. But since it is very difficult to obtain a bank account in Dubai for an offshore company, such a company is not very practicable.
  1. Free Zone Company: This solution is ideal for companies that want to take advantage of the tax benefits in Dubai, yet do not plan to have any business relationships with customers within the United Arab Emirates.
  2. Mainland Company: The so-called Mainland LLC, Limited Liability Company, is comparable to a GmbH in Germany. The shareholders can be private individuals as well as foreign companies.

What types of residence permits are available in Dubai?

International investors, businesspeople and wealthy retirees can obtain a three-year or five-year residency permit in the United Arab Emirates, as well as a golden visa that has been available since 2021. The procedure is as follows:

1. Residence permit for investors that establish a company or participate in a company in Dubai.

Founders and shareholders of a company in the United Arab Emirates can obtain a three-year investor visa. Investors who invest at least two million AED (approx. EUR 550,000) in a company from the UAE are entitled to the exclusive 10-year residence permit in the United Arab Emirates - the so-called “Golden Visa”.

2. Residence permit for real estate owners in Dubai (Taskeen Program)

If you invest AED 750,000 (approx. EUR 200,000) in real estate in Dubai, you can apply for a three-year visa and residence permit. Spouses and children are also eligible.

Do I have the possibility of personally contacting someone in case of any questions or concerns?

Our team is of course available to meet with you personally. For us, proximity and accessibility is also a distinguishing point of any professional consultation. For this reason, we are there for you in person in Dubai as well as in Germany at many different sites.

What does a purchase agreement in Dubai look like?

Differently as in Germany, a contract to transfer ownership of a piece of real estate does not require any specific form. A private written contract between the parties already results in a legal bond and obligation. According to the UAE Civil Code, ownership of real estate is transferred through a contractual agreement and registration of the transaction into the land registry.

How does ownership transfer work?

For the transfer of ownership, the name of the purchaser is officially entered and registered with the DLD (Dubai Land Department) as owner or title bearer. Consequently, you obtain the Title Deed and have the appropriate legal security.

The transfer of ownership is made by a Registration Trustee, which roughly corresponds to a German notary.

How is the financing structured?

Basically, you have the possibility of financing real estate with a mortgage through a local bank. Mortgages are available for both local residents and foreigners (up to 50 percent), but the conditions vary greatly depending on the bank and are relatively expensive. Long-term interest-free payment plans offer far more attractive financing options.


What additional costs may arise when purchasing real estate?

In the case of a classic real estate purchase, a fee of 4 percent of the purchase price is charged for registration with the Dubai Land Department. A transfer fee of AED 4,200 is also payable to the notary. Any brokerage fees are between 2 and 4 percent, and depending on the type of property, VAT of 5 percent applies.


How have real estate prices in Dubai developed over the past 10 years?

Real estate prices always go through ups and downs. The global financial crisis in 2008 and 2009 considerably adjusted real estate prices downwards. Yet in the years that followed, the real estate market recovered and reached a new all-time high in 2014. In 2020, real estate prices fell to an intermediate low due to the pandemic, but recovered strongly in 2021. This development has been continuing in 2022 and is also expected for the coming years.

Can we assume a population increase in Dubai?

Annual population growth of 1.4% is expected from 2021 to 2030. This corresponds to around 45,000 residents per year and is well above the growth rate of German metropolises.


What plans does the so-called “Master Plan 2040” entail?

The new Master Plan 2040 is the seventh plan that has been developed and implemented specifically for Dubai since 1960. Since 1960, the population has grown from around 40,000 to an impressive 3.3 million. The new master plan aims to increase the population to 6 million by 2040. This target should be achieved in particular through targeted investments in infrastructure, simplified visa procedures and further economic development measures, as well as through the elimination of economic barriers.

How did real estate transactions perform compared from 2020 to 2021?



Change year to year*

Dubai (total)


+76 %

Dubai Marina


+ 93 %

Business Bay



Jumeirah Village Circle



Al Thanyah 5th



Dubai Hills Estates



Al Merkadh (MBR City)



Wadi Al Safa 5



Sports City



Downtown Dubai



Palm Jumeirah



Jebal Ali First



Al Warsan First



Is there a risk of a real estate bubble in Dubai?

According to the UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2022, Dubai is not in a real estate bubble risk zone. The risk for Dubai is considered to be very low, especially when compared to other world metropolises. The highest risk values on real estate markets are currently recorded in Toronto and Frankfurt.


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